Our Refund Policy

If you take our annual subscription of services then you will get refund within the 10 days of subscription. Full refund will also be allowed subjected to the management and judgment of the company. The refund will be provided to you in full if you are not satisfied with our service. In case you do not like our services then we will offer you refund in the following cases:

  • 100% of plan cost will be discounted back, if you claim within 10 days of subscription arrangement and a technical support master has not had the capacity to determine even a solitary issue for you with in the main day of the membership.
  • On the off chance that there are at least one settled issues, the expenses for the Subscription Service won't be refundable.
  • The discount strategy isn't pertinent for per rate plans and additional items' No discount following 30 date of calendar will be allowed.
  • It takes 30 Calendar days to start the return, when u gets an endorsement of the discount from our company.
  • If you were present with the proper resources and documents and issue was not solved.
  • If the issue was taken by the technicians and it happens again in the 30 days.
  • If your issue becomes out of scope for particular plan.
  • Users will be allowed for refund if they cooperate with our technicians. We will use all possible methods to support you. You are supposed to follow the instruction of technicians and cooperate with them.
  • The circumstance offering ascend to the inquiry is, reproducible on a solitary framework, i.e., one focal handling unit with its workstations and different peripherals;
  • You should have information with respect to the hardware framework, any product included, and in the realities and conditions encompassing the episode.
  • The full framework, including software and hardware, is accessible to you and available by you unbounded amid any phone discourses with our help faculty.

We recommend you to take data and software back up time to time. Our technicians and executives shall not be responsible for your lost or corrupted software and data. Your data and software can`t be refund.


For you to present a Plan Order, you should finish the Registration Process by furnishing us with current, complete and exact data as incited by and required under the relevant Registration Form. You additionally will pick a password and a user name. You are exclusively and totally in charge of keeping up the secrecy of your password and account.
Moreover, you are exclusively and altogether in charge of any tasks that happen under your account. You consent to inform our specialists promptly of any unapproved utilization of your record or some other rupture of information security. Our specialists won't be subject for any misfortune that you may acquire because of another person utilizing your secret password or account, either with or without your insight.


You are only responsible for maintaining and backing up all information related to data, customer data, and software that is saved in your computer system and storage media before availing our services. ONE CORE TECHNOLOGIES and its referral partners will not be accountable and liable for any loss that occurs with your software and hardware.