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Refund Policy

The redemption period for refund of “PER INCIDENT PLAN” lasts for 7 calendar days from the date of purchase of the single service plan. If You can prove that One Core Technologies has not provided you with satisfactory services for the PER-Incident plan, then One Core Technologies will refund the money that You paid for our services (shipping and handling charges, and any other applicable taxes are deductible, except for certain states and countries where all these charges are refundable). The refund request can be claimed by contacting with the help desk of the website or customer care within the specified period for redemption.

If You have purchased SUBSCRIPTION services from One Core Technologies and You choose to cancel the subscription request, One Core Technologies is liable for the repayment of the cancelled subscription service (shipping and handling charges, and any other applicable taxes are deductible, except for certain states and countries where all these charges are refundable), provided that you have not used our support service or devices on your PC or any other devices. The refund request should be made within 5 business days from the purchase of the service.

Payment for the Services

The fee quoted for the Services is available on the site or may be quoted over telephone. The order may be made according to the requirement. The payment (including the applicable taxes) of your order will be made on your credit card and the charges are applicable as per your selected Services. For purchase of the Services made by you from One Core Technologies through the Site: You agree that One Core Technologies may charge to your credit card or other authenticated payment mechanism requested by You and verified by One Core Technologies all amounts payable and owing for One Core Technologies for the Services; Unless otherwise agreed by One Core Technologies in writing, all payments payable for the Services must be made at the time of purchase immediately after receiving these services from One Core Technologies . One Core Technologies , is not obliged under any condition, to give the Services if the payment is not made. Services purchased from a Reseller/Vendor will be subjected to their terms of sale.

Renewal Policy

One Core Technologies will notify You via e-mail, 30-days prior to expiration of the Subscription Service agreement. It is Your responsibility to request renewal of the Subscription Service. Subscription Services are not automatically renewed and ends after the period is over.

Fair Usage Policy & Termination

Though there is no limit for the online support requests for the subscription based plan selected by the client, as defined by One Core Technologies , however, each Subscriber's use of the support services are subject to One Core Technologies ’s “fair use" policy. Under this policy, at any time, if it is found that, in a subscription based plan, user is misusing the service by any means, or exceeding the level of use unreasonably, then One Core Technologies at its sole discretion reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Subscriber's Subscription Services. In addition, One Core Technologies also has the full right under its discretion to suspend or terminate any Subscription Services of existing Subscribers if it is found that the services are being used (a) fraudulently, (b)by any person other than Subscriber, or (c) for any computer system other than a Registered System.


The Terms will be governed according to the laws of Texas. The Terms will not derogate you from any rights, which come under existing consumer protection legislation or other applicable laws in your jurisdiction. The Terms are an agreement between you and One Core Technologies for the Services provided and: (i) supersede all prior oral or written communications, proposals, and representations with respect to its subject matter; and (ii) prevailing conflicts or additional terms of any quote, order, acknowledgment, or any communication between the parties. The Terms would be deemed as terminated immediately if there is any breach and the Services will be stopped. The disclaimers of warranties and damages and limitations of liability agreed upon shall survive termination. If there are any queries, regarding the Terms, or if you want to contact One Core Technologies , then please write to: (i) One Core Technologies Customer Service, or call us at 1800-691-1086


We are an independent provider of technical support services for several third party brands and does not own any brands supported. If your product is under warranty, the repair service may be available free from the brand owner.